After Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, you’d find a gaggle of movie and video streaming services and apps trying to catch up to the big three up there. Netflix and video streaming are practically synonymous already, and it will take a lot to battle them for “king of the hill” honors. That said, VUDU is still alive and putting out a new version of its movie streaming service and app, with a couple of new features you may appreciate.

VUDU is owned by Walmart, and it is one of those services where you can either rent or buy movies either in standard or in high definition. Much like Google Play Movies, it will allow you to watch your movies on any supported device. VUDU version 5.0 brings new features that you may like, including offline rentals and downloads.


If you’re traveling for the holidays, you might want to have a movie or three on your tablet or phone to help you pass the time on that plane or train ride. VUDU’s new offline download feature allows you to save on data charges and watch your movies offline. You can download either rented movies or ones that you already purchased, and take it with you on your trip.

Lastly, there’s a new VUDU-exclusive “Extras+” feature, where you can access bonus clips, behind the scenes content, storyline extras, filming locations, and all that stuff made for movie fans like you and me. Download or update your version of the app via the Google Play Store.