The VUDU Movies and TV app has recently been updated for Android users and it looks like it has brought support for smartphones. Well, support for select smartphones. There was also mention of unspecified bugs being taken care of. Getting back to the smartphone support and we find a support list that is heaviest on Samsung and HTC devices.

There are also a few from LG and Motorola as well. That being said, the full list if supported devices is as follows;

  • Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4
  • Motorola RAZR HD
  • LG Optimus G, G Pro and F7
  • Nexus 4

Otherwise, this update has brought the app up to version 1.4.229 and it can currently be found by way of the Google Play Store. Aside from support for those smartphones and the bug fixes, there appears to be some remaining issues with the VUDU app in general.

This latest changelog notes a known issue as being one dealing with storage migration.

“There is no storage migration so the earlier version upgrade may have issue with download when external storage exists. The solution is to remove the app and reinstall.”

Other known issues are listed as the app being slow when there is not enough network bandwidth and the app occasionally hanging. VUDU has yet to offer any timeline as to when these known issues will be taken care of, however it is nice to see them being acknowledged.

A bit for those not familiar with how VUDU works. This service allows the user to buy or rent movies that can be streamed or downloaded directly to your Android device. Given the option to buy or rent — there isn’t any set monthly subscription to worry about. In addition to movies, VUDU also offers television shows as well as an In-Home Disc to Digital service that will let you convert a DVD or Blu-ray movie to digital for streaming.

SOURCE: VUDU Blog, Google Play Store