When it comes to electronics for kids, no other name shows up in ads and stores as much as VTech. Showing that it has chops even in the growing mobile device world, it is announcing the fourth generation of its InnoTab Android-powered tablets that are unmistakably designed with kids education, entertainment, and rough handling in mind.

There are three members of this next generation tablets. At the lowest level is the InnoTab 3 Plus, which VTech bills an affordable, entry-level option for those still testing the waters of a child plus tablet combination. A bit higher is the 3S Plus, which is like the 3 Plus, but offers a lot more content right off the bat, as well as WiFi connectivity. But VTech’s high point is represented by the InnoTab MAX, a 7-inch tablet that it says has a high-resolution display, fast WiFi connection, and a multi-core CPU. VTech has sadly left out much of the technical details that will help give an idea whether these tablets will indeed be up to the task.

That said, the hardware specs aren’t the stars of these tablets. What will matter to kids, and their parents, the most are the amount of content included in the package, either for free or as add-ons, paid ones, of course. These range from from VTech’s collection of Android learning content accessible via the Learning Lodge, age-appropriate selections of apps and games, from 2 to 9 years of age, and, for the parents, kid-safe WiFi, Premium Kid Connect, and other safety locks and features to keep children safe even as they connect with others.

Aside from software catering to kids, these tablets are built to withstand the almost merciless handling of children. The InnoTab 3S Plus and 3 Plus also come with Rechargeable Power Packs as well as free software, 16 and 12 apps, respectively. VTech has not yet revealed exactly when these tablets will come to market as well as their price tags, but the InnoTab MAX is marked as coming this Fall, while the InnoTab 3S and 3 Plus will still be coming soon.