If you’re a serious mobile photographer, you may have probably imagine using sunglasses to take photos. We’re one with you in this practice although you don’t have do it because there are plenty of filters and editing tools available. If not Instagram, your favorite is probably the VSCO because of its numerous filters. We can never have too many filters as the VSCO devs just released an update to the app to add Oakley sports sunglasses filter.

It’s like you’re wearing the Prizm lenses by Oakley, giving off that artsy effect. With the Oak filters on VSCO, you images will look better. The app presets can replicate the Prizm lens effect so your photos will look more detailed, natural, colorful, and with clear edges. These filters are offered free but only for a limited time.

Update your VSCO app to get the Oakley Photo Filters. Use the Oak 1 for better colors, Oak 2 to highlight the details, and the Oak 3 to keep the details in busy scenes. These filters were made by the color scientists from VSCO in partnership with Oakley. The idea is to stimulate Oakley’s technology within the VSCO app and these filters are the result.

Download VSCO from the Google Play Store