Vringo has a really cool new app that will work on your Android phone that makes your phone ringing a social experience. The app sounds very interesting and a bunch of people will want to grab it on the Android market now. It is a beta offering according to Vringo, and you still have to pay for the app apparently. The app is called Facetones and it connects to Facebook. When you receive a call from someone you are Facebook friends with the app grabs photos of the person.

The photos are found via tags and the app has to be connected to your Facebook account to work. After you connect, the app each time a person calls it will automatically grab the latest photos of the person to show you as the phone rings. Vringo will launch the app first for Android only and it will come to other platforms alter.

The app will also later be made to integrate with other social networks. “Vringo has always been about making ringtones social and visual. We now are taking this to a new level with Facetones,” said Jon Medved, Vringo’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe the fun and exciting experience of getting an automatic video slide show update from your friends before speaking to them will help define the future of social mobile experiences.”