VPN by Google One

Having a VPN is important. If you still don’t have one, it’s time you avail of your own to protect everything you have on your computer and network. It’s better to be sure and secure especially these days when many people are at home. The chances of being hacked or duped are high if you’re not really very careful or discerning. Having any account hacked is never funny so we highly suggest you get a VPN. In the US, you can check out Google One’s VPN offering. Take advantage of the convenience, security, and yes, peace of mind a VPN brings.

Your data can be safe with Google One’s VPN. It is offered with plans starting at 2TB or higher. What a VPN does is offer another layer of online protection for your Android device. Android is already being improved when it comes to safety, privacy, and security but it is better if all aspects are encrypted.

The VPN extends protection and security to a phone’s online traffic. It doesn’t matter what browser or app one is using as the VPN is built right into the Google One mobile app. Click on it to ensure a safe connection all the time.

The Google One with VPN support team is holding Pro Sessions. These are online sessions a customer can schedule with an expert from the tech giant. The meeting is one-on-one so you can have all your answers answered directly.

Those with a 2TB storage plan can enjoy these Pro Sessions, VPN access, and even a ten percent credit-back that can be used on purchases from the Google Store. You can also use the VPN on other mobile devices. A Google One membership can be very helpful these days, at least, if you live in the US. It is also available in other key markets like Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia but you won’t receive new Store credits on hardware purchases.

VPN by Google One will be ready soon via the Google One app in the US. Note that it’s initially available for those using Android although it will be ready for Windows, iOS, and Mac in the near future.