VoX has announced that it is offering a new VoIP app for all Android smartphones that allows the user to place VoIP calls. This is the first time the company has gone direct with their VoIP service. Previously they only offered VoIP via other apps from providers like Nimbuzz and fring. This is the first direct app to allow the Android user to directly access the VoX service.

The VoX app will download and install on smartphones and tablets and the company is working to automate the download to allow it to be purchased anywhere. The VoX user can get signed up for the services completely on the smartphone with no computer needed. The user can also choose a US number for the app.

The plans for making calls using the app start at $4.95 for VoIP service. 500 minutes of talk time will sell for $9.95 and for $29.95 you get unlimited minutes to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The app will launch on the Android Market in the next month.