It was recently discovered that Oculus’ Development Kit 2 VR headset would be housing the innards of a Galaxy Note 3. But while that version of the hardware still has to see the light of day in the market, Vortex VR is putting Samsung‘s eternal Korean rival LG front and center with the VRTX One headset, which literally houses an LG G3 inside.

Commercial VR headsets have become the lastest gaming and alternate world fascination ever since Oculus started pushing its Rift headset to the media. But the dream of a VR headset in every gamer’s home has a long way to go, primarily because of price. But Vortex might have an answer by utilizing pieces that are already existing and are more or less more accessible than custom hardware and manufacturing processes employed by other VR companies. And that includes utilizing semi-ubiquitous 3D printing and LG’s impressive QHD smartphone.

And no, this isn’t just the G3’s internal components utilized for the headset, but a full smartphone acting as the head-mounted display itself. The G3’s 5.5-inch 2560×1440 makes for a compelling argument indeed as the pixel density will definitely help in keeping the illusion of the virtual world from falling apart from lack of pixels. In addition, the headset shell itself will be custom printed by 3D Systems, the very same people behind Google’s Project Ara. It is precisely because of its experience with Google’s modular phone endeavor that 3D Systems was able to go beyond the limits of traditional 3D printing systems, delivering printouts made from non-conventional materials as well as the potential to churn out products in bulk in record time.

That said, this is still all about hardware, which is always just half of the equation. The software side of the VRTX One, which is just as important in establishing that illusion, is said to be developed by Gameface Labs. This startup up also has their own VR device in the works, which you can see in the video below, but what is perhaps more interesting is the fact that they have been working on software that makes regular Android games compatible with a VR headset way of life.

With almost “off the shelf” parts, Vortex VR should be able to deliver the headset more easily to interested buyers, particularly developers who are just as critical in building up this VR ecosystem. And with a price tag of $99.99, the VRTX One is beginning to look like the VR dream come true. Perhaps, also a bit too good to be true.

VIA: SlashGear