Vonage has detailed and released their latest Android app update. This update deals with the Vonage Mobile app and while there are a few notable changes, it looks like the big addition this time around is video calling. The video calls, similar to the regular voice calls are free for those calling another Vonage Mobile user.

Basically, it looks like this Vonage Mobile update brings them just a bit more inline with what we see with Skype. Similarly, the Vonage Mobile video calls are available to be made on a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular connection. The one catch here comes with the device support. Vonage Mobile will work on devices with Android 2.1 or later, however the video calling is supported on Android 2.3 and above.

The other additions that have come along with this (v2.1.0) update include voicemail and the ability to invite your Facebook friends to join in on the free calling. This update also brought an improved user interface design and took care of some bugs. Vonage didn’t get into specifics on which bugs were taken care of, however it was said they will continue to fix bugs “based on your feedback.”

New changes aside, the Vonage Mobile app allows for up to 3,000 minutes of free calls to US, Canadian and Puerto Rican phone numbers per month. Vonage also compares the cost for international calls with Skype. Based on details provided by Vonage, they say that you can save “70% on calls to other countries when compared with other major mobile carriers, and costs 30% less than Skype.” Those looking to check out the Vonage Mobile app can do so by heading to the Google Play Store using this link.

[via phoneArena]