While there are already several cars that have Android Auto running on their dashboards, the upcoming new electric car from Volvo’s brand Polestar, obviously named the Polestar 2, is bringing something more interesting. They are showing off a preview of what the Android-based Google HMI will look like on its dashboard. And the demo virtual version actually has a bonus easter egg which would be pretty exciting if you’re interested in the car as well, especially since there have been no previous sightings of the upcoming car.

The difference between the Android Auto that we’ve already seen and this one from Polestar is that it is not just a projection system so that your Android phone will be displayed on the car’s infotainment system. The Google HMI system is actually the core UX of the car and is actually the next generation of Volvo’s Sensus infotainment system. It is built on top of the Android system and will have things like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store baked into it.

To give a preview of what the HMI will look like, they released a virtual version of what it would look like at least from your phone or tablet for now. Obviously, since you don’t have an actual car to try it on, what you can do with the interface is pretty limited but at least you’re able to see how it will look like on your pretend dashboard.

As for the car itself, Volvo has not released yet official photos of the Polestar 2 except for a partial view of its rear. But if you go into the Senses preview camera section, you’ll now see the top view of the car, including its panoramic glass roof. Specs wise, it will be a four-door fastback EV with a 300 mile range and around 400 horsepower.

The Polestar 2 will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 this March. Production will begin after the Polestar 1, which is a premium gas-electric hybrid coupe.

VIA: SlashGear