Volvo Cars YouTube Google Assistant

Volvo cars are getting YouTube and Google Assistant integration. Not all models will get the features but we can see both Google and Volvo continuing their partnership to bring advancements to the cars. Video streaming will be efficient soon inside Volvo vehicles as YouTube can now be downloaded from Google Play and be installed on the system. No doubt having your favorite video app in the car can be entertaining especially when driving to a destination.

Well, we’re not saying you watch while driving. They’re mainly for you when you’re on a break, You can watch while waiting in traffic or while taking a break when you need to charge your car.

What’s interesting though with this YouTube integration is that car will only play the videos when the vehicle is on a full stop. YouTube is just one app. Other media streaming services will be available soon for Volvo Cars.

Other apps will also be available for Volvo cars. Navigation apps such Sygic and Flitsmeister, parking apps like ParkWhiz and SpotHero, and charging apps like Plugshare and Chargepoint will be ready to download soon.

Google Assistant-enabled devices will soon be integrated with Volvo cards. This means you can “talk” to the car and command Google to do things for you. Pair your Volvo car with your Google account so you can directly communicate to Google while in the car and even remotely. For example, when you get up from the bed, you can already tell the car to warm up.

According to Volvo’s chief product officer Henrik Green, this integration allows them to “improve the customer experience immensely, as it gives customers the possibility to easily and securely manage their car while at home or on the go, through any personal device that has Google Assistant.”

You can try a lot of commands but expect the list will become longer. Feel free to get information related to your vehicle remotely. You call also set charging schedule so this can be very convenient.


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