Although not yet available on the official Vodafone website, ads have begun to be released noting their intent on stocking the HTC Desire Z. It’s “Perfect for business.” For real, the slide-out QUERTY keyboard and 2.7″ touchscreen and everything, all at your favorite red and white flavored phone service provider. It appears that it’ll be on a plan at around £30 (plus VAT) per month on business tariffs, shiny as ever.

It appears that starting (01,02,03) you’ll be getting 3000 Minutes to UK landlines, 750 minutes to UK mobiles, 250 standard UK texts, and 500MB UK mobile internet and email usage on the phone for, yes, £30 (plus VAT) a month inside a 2-year contract. Take a look at our review and hands on and all that good stuff over here at SlashGear, and feel the love.

[Via Eurodroid]