How is this possible? Looks like they’ve learned nothing from the recent Desire debacle where the phone keeps getting delayed due to them not having enough in stock. The Nexus One for Vodafone UK just got a release date of April 30th and it seems those devices are already gone.

If you like you can still place your preorder right from Vodafone’s site but you may be waiting awhile before you receive your phone. There isn’t even a mention of this delay on their site anywhere. You will receive an email that looks similar to this:


“Thank you for placing your order, reference number XXXXXX

“Unfortunately we have suffered a surprisingly high demand for the Nexus One From Google, which means that it is unexpectedly out of stock .

“Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope to have further stock available within 7-10 working days and will contact you again once your order has been dispatched.

“If you have any further queries please contact us on 0844 854 0430 or email, quoting your order number as your reference. Thank you for ordering with Vodafone.

[via eurodroid]