Remote desktop software have been around since networking standards began to make it possible to run software between two devices. But while remote desktop software on a laptop or desktop is mainly for security and access, remote desktop usage on an Android device gives it almost godlike powers. VNC Viewer is one of the software that makes this happen on an Android device, and it just got updated in a major way.

RealVNC, the developers behind VNC Viewer, know that their software is one of the most widely used tools for remote desktop operations on Android. This is why we’re all getting a big update that gives you an interface that is at home with how Android Lollipop or Marshmallow looks, and not at all out of place.


Along with the aesthetic update, users of VNC Viewer can now have immersive fullscreen use – with the whole of the remote desktop rendered on the full screen of your device. Another addition is the ability to provide view-only access to remote connections, as a security feature of sorts.


If you’re running VNC Viewer on your device now, you can just download the update via the Google Play Store. If you’re new to VNC, download the app free from the Google Play Store link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store