Today at MWC, viritualization developer VMWare showed off a mobile virtualization option for Android Phones. Mobile Virtualization would allow users to have both a private profile and a business profile operating on a single Android headset with the ability to switch between the two. The advantage is that employees can use the phone they prefer and keep a “chinese wall” between personal apps and enterprise based apps for security reasons. Initially, the virtualization option will be available through LG phones as the software must be pre-installed. There is no aftermarket application download capability. But that will change as more handset makers come on board.

“The goal for this product is a bring-your-own-PC type of world,” Herrod said. “So we want to move to a world where the company is not buying you a phone. Buy what you like and bring it to work and we’ll give you a way to use it in an enterprise-safe way.”

Users can then use the same phone for their corporate and private life without being bogged down by two different phones. Check out the video below:

Once the employee chooses a VMWare supported phone, the company IT department can activate the virtualization features through their network management console. This gives companies the ability to set policies and allow various access levels for different employee grades.

This will also allow companies to disable the phone’s video and still cameras while in company mode and to remotely wipe any data on the corporate side should an employee be terminated or quit to go work for the competition.

VMWare hopes to begin field trials on the new virtualization option by summertime.

[via PCWorld]