For reasons that baffled users for almost two years, VLC for Android was available on the Google Play Store for everyone except North American residents. But finally, if you live in the United States and Canada, you can now join the rest if the world in accessing and downloading the popular free media player and play all sorts of videos with different formats.

When they launched in the summer of 2012, VideoLAN’s excuse for not being able to give North American users the VLC Android version was that they did not have access to enough gadgets from that region, which sounds ridiculous any way you look at it. But finally, right before the Google I/O conference two weeks ago, they sent out a tweet saying, “Oh, and for once, VLC for Android is also on the USA Play Store. And still on our website for everyone ;)”. So if you live in North America (they neglected to mention Canada in the tweet, but it’s there!), head on over to the Google Play Store and you’ll finally be able to download it.

This is perfect timing for US and Canada residents as just a few weeks ago, VLC announced that they are developing Chromecast support for iOS and Android devices. This will allow you to stream your videos from Hulu or Netflix or Google Play Movies into whatever device you want to watch it from.

However, the desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux will take a little more time to finish since Google doesn’t have an SDK for native apps on these platforms yet. But you probably don’t care about that for now as you’re too busy finally getting the VLC player onto your phone or tablet.

Download VLC from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police