One thing that was seriously lacking in an uber-popular media player app like VLC on Android was Chromecast support, just because it is so logical to make that step and stream whatever media you are playing on your Android device to a Chromecast-powered bigger screen. Last week, VLC brought that feature to the beta version. Now the developers obviously feel that the feature is ready for primetime on the VLC Android app.

Welcome VLC version 3.0 on Android, which is a welcome update from version 2.5. This update basically fixes most bugs and complaints with the earlier version, but we’re not even complaining. VLC 2.5 was a great update in itself because it consolidated and stabilized the VLC Android app which needed a lot of attention for the longest time. Now that they’ve done that, version 3.0 is all about fixing complaints and missing features.

The first one is obviously Chromecast support. You can now cast whatever you are watching on your Android device to your Chromecast-enabled display. The other new features include multi-platform support for Samsun DeX, Chromebooks, and even Android Auto. With this version, VLC finally added playlist support – the VLC app will now scan and read for .m3u playlist files and show them on your app.

If you’ve been using VLC, this update should arrive via OTA. If you want to try a new media player, VLC is giving you more reasons why you should try it now.