If you have one of the high end Smart TVs from Vizio, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve been adding several streaming apps for the past few weeks, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The newest one to be added to your video on demand streaming options is Google Play Movies & TV. Although you previously could stream from here through Chromecast, now you can go directly to the app from your Smart TV without having to use any other gadget or accessory.

Streaming from Google Play Movies & TV is now available for the VIA+ and D-series Smart TVs from Vizio. This means that any movie or TV show that you purchased or rented through Google Play will now be available to watch from your Smart TV (if you have any from the aforementioned Vizio lines). They have more than 200 film and TV global distributors, so there’s a lot to choose from. You have new release movies, next day TV shows, as well as thousands of videos in the back catalogue of course.

If your Smart TV also has ultra HD display, the app has recently started offering 4K movies. Not all of them of course are in 4K but at least you have options if you want to take advantage of your TV’s display. There is no word yet on whether Google Play Movies & TV will eventually offer a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu, so for now, you’d have to rent or buy your videos.

The app is also available for other Smart TVs like 2016 models of Samsung Smart TVs, LG TVs, and of course Roku.

SOURCE: Google