By this time, we all expect fitness and activity trackers to, well, track activities. So brands that are releasing new devices should be able to bring something new to the table. Garmin’s newest tracker tries to do just that as the vívosmart 4 brings a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor and a Body Battery energy monitor to help users measure their blood oxygen saturation levels and their body’s energy reserves respectively. These in turn will help determine if you got enough rest or if you need to rest right now.

Aside from actual fitness activities, sleep quality is also an important part of monitoring our health. Since the vívosmart 4 is actually comfortable to wear at night, it can monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels while you’re sleeping. The device’s advanced sleep monitoring also estimates your light, deep, and REM stages and you will be able to review your sleep stats through the Garmin Connect mobile app.

The Body Battery energy monitoring feature meanwhile determines your body’s energy levels and so you’ll know what’s an optimal time for you to do an activity or to just rest. It uses data from stress, heart rate viability (HRV), sleep, and your actual activity to determine your energy levels. You can see your daily patterns and it will suggest the most optimal times for you to do either. Higher Body Battery should be the time when you move while obviously if it’s low, you should rest.

Aside from these two and the other usual activity tracking features, the vívosmart 4 also has a redesigned Elevate wrist-based heart sensor, alerts for when you get abnormal heart rates, all-day stress tracking including a reminder to relax. You get colorful activity cards so you can look at your stats in a glance with the data already customized and filtered. You can also connect with other users so you can compete and/or compare.

The vívosmart 4 will come in the following colors and styles: berry with gold bezel, powder grey with rose gold bezel, azure blue with silver bezel, and black with slate bezel. The SRP is $129.99 but they didn’t indicate when and where it will be available.

SOURCE: Garmin