Is it ever too early to start kids getting into fitness activities? For Garmin, it’s better to start them young as they have created products that are specifically meant to get children moving rather than just staying inside and sitting on the couch playing with games. Well, they still get to play with games but at least they will be motivated to move with the vívofit jr. 2. They are tying up with Disney for this newest fitness tracker to motivate the young ones who are fans of Disney Princesses.

What makes this fitness tracker special is that it has Disney Princess-themed bands as well as the mobile app that you will need to connect to. If kids are able to achieve their activity minute goals, they will be able to unlock app adventures, games, and step icons. If you think this would be enough to make your kid engage in fitness activities, an if they love Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel, then this is a device that you would want to give to them.

The app adventure is called Magical Kingdoms: A Disney Princess Adventure and the more the kids exceed their goals, the more stories they will be able to unlock. They will help Rapunzel and Flynn Rider escape Mother Gothel. They can help Mulan save the Emperor. They can explore the Cave of Wonders with Jasmine. There will also be games and other virtual activities that they can play if they collect enough gems which they get when they log active minutes.

There is also a companion app for parents that will help you keep an eye on how your kid uses the fitness tracker and the app. You can view their activity, assign them chores, give them rewards if they finish the chores. The virtual coins that you give them can be used to redeem rewards on the adventure game. The kids can also compete with family members and approved friends if you believe in healthy competition.

The vívofit jr. 2 with Disney Princesses can be purchased at Best Buy and Target stores. It costs $79.99 and if you want to swap out the band, each one costs $29.99. There are also other themes like Star Wars, Minnie Mouse, and Marvel Avengers.

SOURCE: Garmin