VIVO RBGW camera sensor

Vivo isn’t exactly the top mobile OEM today but it is one of the more innovative brands we know. It has introduced a number of revolutionary technologies that started some trends in the mobile game. Recently, a Vivo prototype phone showed off a color-changing rear glass. There is also that gimbal camera sensor technology used on the Vivo X50 Pro. We also won’t forget that APEX 2020 futuristic phone shown off before and the fact that it is part of the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance.

Vivo continues to improve on technologies. The latest advancement we know is a new RBGW camera sensor. It is the company’s own image sensor that uses an RGBW color filter array.

Vivo isn’t the first to use RGBW. Sony has applied an RGBW color filter in Xperia cameras. It collects more light compared to the conventional RGB matrix. The new technology by Vivo will be able to handle resolution. This one is said to be available in the mobile market in 2021.

According to Vivo, this new sensor is able to gather 160% more light compared to a traditional RGGB-equipped sensor. It is even better than the RYYB sensors used by Huawei as it collects 15% more light. What’s better is that it is not prone to the color casting problems of RYYB.

By next year, we can expect Vivo to release smartphones with the new RGBW imaging sensor. Other OEMs may also look into the new technology and possibly use them. Let’s wait and see for related developments and announcements.