Zack Nelson is always one of the first to test out and review some of the latest smartphones available in the market. We’ve seen the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Durability Test a few weeks ago. It’s the Vivo NEX Dual Display phone’s turn to be at the center of attention. This particular phone is unique because of its secondary display at the back that looks like the main display. We’ve seen phones with secondary screens like the ZTE Nubia X but the Vivo NEX Dual Display’s is big.

The first time we saw the Vivo NEX Dual Display phone, we were impressed with its premium quality build. It doesn’t look like a cheap phone. If anything else, it looks really expensive.

Watch the full Vivo Nex Dual Screen Durability Test:

VIVO’s dual display phone survived all tests. We’re particularly impressed with the rear screen because of the double coating of the OLED panel. When placed under the flame, it doesn’t show any residue unlike on the front display.

When bent, the smartphone shows some flex but it’s not damaged. It still gets back to the original shape but we suggest you be careful with the phone mainly because of the double glass sides.