Vivo NEX 3

A couple of weeks ago, we saw sketches of the Vivo NEX 3 present a waterfall display and curved edges. Another live image of the 2019 NEX model appeared once again with curved edges. A teaser video was also released and we learned the phone would be coming next month. There is no formal announcement yet but YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss is once again one of the firsts to receive the new phone from Vivo. He’s the same guy who featured the Vivo NEX 2 ahead of launch last year.

It’s no longer a mystery device. It’s the Vivo NEX 3. A phone that hasn’t been released yet but the YouTuber was lucky to get the phone from a source. In the unboxing video, he focused on four important things: display, camera, speed, and an infinity pool.

The phone is obviously the Vivo NEX 3 if we are to look at previous leaks. The circular rear camera module is there. The back is all-glass. The screen is almost all-display. You won’t see any obvious bevels on all sides. The edges are curved and you can see the display “falls” on the side like a waterfall. Perhaps this is the waterfall display we’ve been mentioning.

When you turn to the side, you will see almost half of the display. This appears to be really bezel-less and completely seamless. You won’t see any physical buttons. You may only depend on haptic feedback and a virtual power button and volume keys on one side.

The YouTuber went around London to capture different tourist attractions using the new Vivo NEX 3. The idea was to take photos with the borderless display to show off the phone can actually blend with the scene. Like this one:

When it comes to speed, the phone is definitely faster than an old 4G phone in many ways. Downloading an app is definitely faster while navigation is smooth and quick. The phone appears to be more camera-centric but Mrwhosetheboss noted the software isn’t final yet.


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