In early 2019, Vivo introduced the APEX FullView concept Android phone. It’s only a concept device but became controversial because the pop-out camera was already patented by Essential. We have no idea what happened to Essential’s idea but Vivo’s efforts eventually became the Vivo NEX. The NEX is just one. It has another model in the form of the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition phone. Looks like the APEX series is finally rolling out as Vivo Apex 2019 images have been leaked recently.

A Vivo Apex 2019 will be launched with an almost bezel-less front display. There is no selfie camera nor a notch.

At the rear, we see a dual rear camera setup with LED flash. We don’t see any buttons either in front, sides, or at the back. The design of the Vivo phone is said to be like a pebble with the rounded edges.

There is no port so we’re assuming some features will rely on wireless connectivity and wireless charging. We’re curious as to where the SIM card slot is but we know that a SIM-less technology is already available.

The on-screen fingerprint display can be expected because, again, there is no home or power button. Note the images here aren’t official product photos—just renders based on information from the OEM.

VIA: SlashGear