Vivo Global definitely wants to go global further. The company has recently announced its collaboration with Energous Corporation. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s the same tech company that once promised true wireless charging back in 2014. A few years later, we’ve heard related improvements like the WattUp Mid Field transmitter as certified by the FCC. That one meant to further wireless charging tech. Wireless charging has since advanced but has still not reached its peak. Just recently, the group WattUp partnered with Vivo to start working on new phones that will integrate its tech focused on wirelessly charging over-the-air.

WattUp’s wireless charging technology currently makes use of radio frequency. The RF is used to charge different electronic devices.

This technology can nowbe used by other tech groups like Vivo as the Energous has licensed WattUp. This integration will benefit the different products and services. This is already the updated version so expect more free for users when it comes to over-the-air charging.

Notice some reduced battery anxiety and easier interoperability across WattUp-enabled devices. The tech also includes foreign object detection that eliminates the thermal issues with metal and other materials.

Both Energous and Vivo believe this effort will “drive forward wireless charging 2.0 in a significant way”. Market opportunities in the mobile industry are aplenty so this team-up definitely has a place.

SOURCE: Energous