Available exclusively for the Polestar 2’s Android Automotive OS-powered infotainment system, Vivaldi has launched the first customizable and privacy-focused web browser for cars. This is also the first browser on Android Automotive OS and is designed to bring the same phone or tablet-like browsing experience to the car’s dashboard-based touchscreen display.

Introduced as a Christmas present for Polestar 2 drivers around the world, the browser was rolled out to the Google Play store on the electric vehicle’s infotainment system yesterday, December 22. The 11-inch touchscreen in Polestar 2 can now be used for a mobile phone like browsing streamers, shopping online, and doing a lot more.

According to the Polestar CEO, with the browsing app available for Android Automotive OS, “there is basically no limit to the web content you can explore in Polestar 2.” This native browsing experience is being closely monitored for privacy by Vivaldi.

To ensure browsing safety and user privacy, Vivaldi includes translation tool, ad blocker, and tracking protection right out of the box. To further enhance safety, the app is only usable when the Polestar is parked. The content streaming will be scaled down to only audio mode when the driving commences.

Boasting the privacy aspect, Vivaldi notes, private browsing on the car is not stored. The data is also not shared with Polestar. If required, users can log into their Vivaldi account and retrieve the browsing data to share between devices. The browser is already available in the European, North American, and Asia Pacific markets and car owners can begin installing it right away.


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