If you think your Alexa, your Siri or your Google Now is already the bomb as they can answer your queries and even do some simple tasks for you, wait until Viv invades your gadget. The creators were actually behind the technology for Apple’s Siri (before the Cupertino company bought it) but now they are trying to improve how virtual assistants function and differentiating it from the current AI technologies in the market. Presenting it during the TechCrunch Disrupt event, Viv CEO Dag Kittlaus got people excited about what this tech can do.

Viv has “advanced parsing of multi-factor requests” so instead of just asking what the weather is today, you can also ask about a past day and for a certain location not your current one. And if you have a follow-up question, you don’t need to ask it all over again as it remembers your previous query and even the details as well. Aside from sending inquiries, you can also ask Viv to book hotels for you, request for transportation (like from Uber), and even send cash to your contacts through Venmo.

Behind the scenes is where the real action with Viv comes in, at least as the team has explained it. They have a “dynamic program generation” which has the ability to create services/ software in real-time, as users give their queries. They claim that in just 10 milliseconds, it can pull out the Nuance speech-to-text that a user gives and then create a one-time program as it looks at the services that you want to use, like the aforementioned Uber, Venmo , etc.

These capabilities of the Viv program will not only apply to smartphones but even to the whole eco-system of connected devices in the Internet of things. And because bots and AIs are currently the in thing, companies will probably be looking into this as a means to improve their product and services.

VIA: SlashGear