To people who love to write down tasks in to-do lists, there is nothing more satisfying than ticking something off or crossing something out from that list. But then there are also those who are more visual and would prefer having something more visual than just a simple list. If you’re part of the latter group, then this new to-do list app may be something you can use. The To Round Task List app is simple enough to understand and master, but more entertaining than just putting a check mark or line across your task.

As you probably figured out from its name, you add tasks on round shapes or bubbles (bubbles sound more fun), put them in a funnel, and then watch them go down the drain once you’ve completed said task. You can even adjust the size of the bubble, depending on how important the task is. You can also put tags on each task and assign a color for each tag so that you also know which tasks are related to a specific activity.

To also help you pick out your priorities, you can set a date for when the task is due so the bubble will show up in the funnel when you’re supposed to be doing or finishing it. And if you want to see how much you’ve accomplished already, you can also view all the tasks you’ve completed by pressing the checkmark button in the header menu.

If there are times when you’d like to see your tasks in a list, you can switch to classic list view and it will show you your current, pending, and completed tasks. But of course you’d like the bubble more. You can download To Round Task List app from the Google Play Store for free.