With Google Wallet cards arriving to consumers this week (we got ours last night), Visa has attacked on the other side. Introducing V.me, Visa is set to offer an online payment solution to rival the likes of Google, Amazon, and PayPal. The service recently launched in parts of Europe, and offers a secure way to pay for goods online.

V.me is currently available in the UK, France, Spain, and Poland, with enrollment starting today. By signing up for V.me, users have the familiar option of having their credit card info stored in an online database for use when purchasing goods online. It acts just like any other payment solution, too; just select the V.me option on checkout, and you’re on your way. Unlike other payment options, it’s new, and not established.

It’s also got next to no hope in being involved with one of the biggest online retailers. Amazon has their own payment clearinghouse, and would have no reason to bring others into the fold. Visa also doesn’t have a proprietary marketplace, like Wallet has in the Play Store. While it’s another means of revenue for Visa, it probably has no hope of widespread adoption.

With the online payment solution race getting more dynamic each day, Visa only helps to push things to a tipping point. PayPal, Amazon, Google, and others like Isis comprise a complicated picture that has many sitting back and waiting to see a true champion emerge. For our money, Amazon is probably going to come out on top, but time will tell.

VIA: Electronista