Virgin Mobile is changing their Beyond Talk Plans as of late. One way to nudge subscribers into higher priced plans is to slightly raise the price of your main plans, but then lower the cost of the unlimited everything option. That is exactly what Virgin Mobile has just done, although some might not be happy that unlimited everything plan for only $55 sounds like a pretty great deal.

With the cheaper options getting nudged in the wrong direction at least the unlimited plans is saving users money. What they have is unlimited data/text plans for Android with three options as far as voice minutes. Below is a simple look at the changes.

Beyond Talk Plan Changes:

Unlimited Data/Text with 300 minutes $25 – Will increase to $35
Unlimited Data/Text with 1200 minutes $40 – Will increase to $45

Unlimited Everything $60 will drop to only $55

The photo above is a view of the new plans set to roll out starting July 20th. The photo below is the old plans just for a visual comparison. Don’t get too excited as we have some news regarding these “unlimited” plans below.

I would mention that the $55 unlimited everything plan is a great buy (and it still is) because of Virgin having no data caps but starting in October they plan to add data caps to unlimited plans. Sadly this is the same move AT&T and Verizon have made in the recent past. Virgin aims to reduce data speeds when a customers data usage exceeds 2.5GB in a month. What this means is once you’ve used over 2.5GB of data your speeds will be reduced to snail crawling slow speeds so you can’t use any more of their data. T-Mobile currently do this and it is called data throttling. Virgin does however go on to mention that only 3% of their current users ever exceed 2.5 GB a month so the changes shouldn’t affect most subscribers.

To go along nicely with these new plan offerings they will also be launching the Motorola Triumph come July 19th. A rather simple yet nice android phone running stock vanilla just as Google intended it to be. No contract, unlimited everything and the Motorola Triumph sounds pretty great to me, I might just have to leave T-Mobile.