They lure us in with their promises of stock Android goodness, only to crush our souls. I, along with Android lovers the internet wide, applauded Virgin Mobile’s comments last week that it wanted to sell Android devices free from UI skins exclusively. Today, Virgin just lost all that love and then some. In a statement that may has well have been “Android hackers need not buy,” Virgin says they are whole-heartedly against rooting, and that it violates their terms of services.

Rooting, bootloaders, and Android end user freedom in general has been a hot topic. I for one think as the owners of devices, we have a right to root access if we want it. Virgin is saying that since its customers use their devices on their network, Virgin has the final say over what your phone can and can’t do.

We do not endorse in any way end users using a non-officially tested operating system nor do we approve of ‘rooting’ devices. This constitutes a violation of our terms of service and puts our network in jeopardy,” a spokesperson said. “We endeavor to provide users a customizable Android experience within the limits of the tested and network approved Android OS.

While we know other carriers aren’t the biggest fans of rooting, none have been this outspoken. Clearly there is little Virgin can do to prevent you from locking once devs have found a way, but this attitude is a bit troubling. It’s really a shame that Virgin would so drastically alienate the hacking community after just getting on our good side by sticking up for stock Android.

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