As you all probably know, switching out the launcher for our Android phones is one of the easiest and quickest ways to change and personalize our devices. Today we’ve been shown an awesome brand new option for Android phones that’s currently in beta called Vire Launcher. It has some of the best visuals and animations we’ve seen yet, is free at the moment, and runs amazingly smooth. Check out our hands-on video below.

The guys from PocketNow call this the most visually impressive launcher they’ve ever seen, and we’d have to agree. Vire just recently launched on the Play Store in a limited free beta testing phase, and is certainly worth checking out. It’s blazing fast, fluid, and highly customizable.

Vire Launcher offers some of the most impressive animations I’ve seen on a launcher, and I’ll be showing this off for a while. It offers real-time lighting and reflections, beautiful 3D transitions, and will offer automatic theming of all UI elements, including widgets and icons. Once this thing gets more traction it should be extremely popular. Take a peek at the hands-on below, and fast forward to 4:30 seconds to see the best part – tile 3D animations.

It runs great here on my Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2, and the developers state, “Vire makes low-end Android phones feel high-end and adds realistic 3D effects into all devices.” I’m also really liking the multi-functional Vire clock widget. It’s a regular clock widget, but a quick swipe down brings open another tray to add additional widgets inside the clock widget, and you can even add apps or settings icons here for quick access. It’s a different approach but we like where it is headed.

The Vire Launcher is visually impressive, runs extremely fast (but doesn’t like my 4.2.2 lockscreen) and is currently free and in the beta stages. They state the UI and launcher is built from the ground up for multi-core devices and will only get better in time. Get it from the link below right now!

Vire Launcher link