Back in July the Viper SmartStart car alarm system landed on Android devices in addition to the iPhone it was already available on. Viper has now announced that the SmartStart system has new features and a new lower price that might entice more folks to buy the device.

With the addition of the Android version last summer, the SmartStart 2.0 system is now offered on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. Version 2.0 of the system has a much better price than the original at as low as $199 as an add on to an existing Viper alarm system.

The new Verizon 2.0 of the SmartStart also included free roadside assistance, which can be a big deal for some folks. The Viper motor Club can be used by pressing a button on the Android app and the driver can get help with a flat, a tow, and more. The SmartStart 2.0 module is part number VSM200 and the VSS3000 Remote Start system starts at $299 with the full VSS5000 Security with Remote Start system at $499. The app for the Android smartphone is available free and the latest version offers access to all the new features.