Even if you don’t use Vine yourself, you’ve probably noticed a lot of links being passed around on your social media of choice. Short-form video is a growing trend and apps like Vine will continue to gain traction, or so they say. The latest update for the video sharing app brings features and changes that they say are the most requested among their users, including the ability to watch videos in the order you want and editing your caption after you’ve posted.

When you click on a Vine account, the usual way you can watch their videos is chronologically. But what if you wanted to see which one is the most popular in order to understand why that person is popular? Now you can choose from either Newest, Oldest, or Most Popular. Good luck though trying to get out of the bottomless pit of going through the videos of the really good accounts.

For those who actually post Vines, have you ever experienced posting something and immediately realizing you made a mistake in your caption? Well you can now rest easy because you can actually edit your caption for a brief period after you’ve posted it already. Just tap the “…” and edit away. Vine didn’t indicate however how long that brief period is.

It’s actually cool that they do listen to their users (although we have no way of knowing if they really are the most requested features) and that they actually implement these new features and changes. So if you have your Vine, update it to the latest version and enjoy these new things and more to come, or so they promise.