The Vine app may not have been perfect at launch. In fact, the app launched to quite a bit of criticism for missing features. But that being said, the app has been steadily improving with a stream of updates. And well, it looks like another update has arrived in the Play Store — this time with a focus on editing.

Coming by way of the official Vine blog, this latest update has added two features. The new additions are called Sessions and Time Travel. Up first is Sessions, which as the name would imply, means you will be able to edit some now, and then come back and finish things up later.

Using Sessions is as simple as tapping the icon sitting in the bottom right corner. Said button will allow you to both save a new session and also open an existing session. You will be able to save and work on ten posts at the same time. Shifting over to Time Travel and this one again, brings in functionality that mimics the name.

In the case of Time Travel, this means users will be able to go back and rework on videos. Basically, Time Travel will let you remove, reorganize and altogether replace any part of the video. This will be available by tapping the green bar from the camera while you are shooting. Or alternatively, by tapping the edit button when previewing a post.

New additions aside, Vine also mentioned the bit about how the app was built for one purpose, “to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world.” To that point, this update seems to take Vine one step further in terms of having a quality feature set and with a user base of more than 40 million, it looks like they must be doing something right.