It looks like the popular video sharing app Vine isn’t going down without a fight. After Instagram upped their game and launched similar services, many thought Vine wouldn’t hold on, but after multiple updates they’ve continued to improve their app over time. This weekend Vine received another update on the Android platform with plenty of improvements and fixes.

Vine for Android hasn’t been up to par with the iOS counterpart, but another upgrade this week has added a few more of those features we’ve all been needing, and waiting for. Those being push notifications. Finally! Vine has added push notifications (like instant notifications) for likes, comments, and mentions.

Then the developers also added a few improved sharing features, although they aren’t anything we haven’t been able to do through other channels thus far. Vine can now share any public post to both Twitter, and Facebook.

As usual the update, which arrived this weekend on Google Play, also mentions the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. So you should be getting some faster load times and smoother usage out of the app. Time to start ReVining all those favorite clips. So, do you use Instagram or Vine? Let us know and then get the latest updated version below.

VIA: Play Store