A new app is now on the Android Market that is free to download called VIN Viper. The app is aimed at the car dealer that wants to be able to figure out a rough price that a vehicle is worth quickly right from their Android smartphone. The app uses the smartphone camera to take a photo of the VIN number. The app then decodes the VIN of the car and shows the value.

Some of the features of the app aren’t free and require an account. It will interface with a Carfax account and allows the user to take photos. The app will interface with a back end at the dealer so that mangers can see the cars they are talking about in real time. The app also interfaces with Facebook. The integration allows the dealer to advertise cars right away.

The app offers access to all the major valuation guides like Black Book, NADA, and Kelly Blue Book. If a dealer has an auction account, they can integrate the app with it as well. I would think that an individual looking for a used car would be able to use the free features to make figuring out if the vehicle is a good deal easier too.