As many of you already know, Vimeo is a great service for video lovers who sometimes look for more quality than the regular youtube experience. Unfortunately for Android and iDon’t users, not having Flash support on these devices makes it hard to use anything else besides youtube.

The good folks over Spanish site Xataka Movil are letting us know that Vimeo works on Android and the other phone. So far the Staff Picks and HD video showcase (high def channels from Vimeo) have been already converted to be Android friendly. Well, not all the videos, but that’s a good start.

And as you can see on the image above, support for all Plus Members will soon be available too. So Android and iDon’t users can start to enjoy some of the fine videos that you can find at Vimeo. And as time goes by, and this gets on the right track, Vimeo might end up with an application for Android pretty soon. How soon? Well, not an exact date, but soon.