As you may have noticed when checking on updates on your favorite 3rd-party photography app in recent days (and weeks?), Vignette is now listed as “Vignette (deprecated).” There is a new version that’s listed as “Vignette (new version)” as well – what gives? As Vignette’s creators Neil and Theresa explain, they made some sort of error in the original 2009 listing of the now very popular Photography app that made it impossible to continue updating very recently. As they explored their options, they found their only option to be to create a new version and provide ways for purchasers of the original app with a sort of refund in order to purchase the new app without troubles.

If you purchased the Vignette app before February 24th, 2011, your app will no longer be able to receive updates from the Android Marketplace. Instead, you’ve got several options on how to grab updates if that’s the sort of thing you like in an app. Of course there’s always the option to do nothing at all if you’re completely satisfied with the app as it is right this moment. Of course we’re in an age where the only satisfying situation with software is to have it updated every few days – so we want options!

Your first option is to purchase the new version of the app from the Market and uninstall the original. If you do this, make sure you purchase the app in the same place (either the mobile or the browser-based Android Market) to ensure a quick refund. The developers of Vignette will get a notification of some sort when you purchase the new version and had purchased the old version previously, allowing them to send you your money back relatively quickly. NOTE: if you do not get a refund after an hour or so using this method, contact the crew at with both of your order numbers (these numbers available to you by logging into Google Checkout with the same account you purchased the apps with.)

Your second option, the one you’ll want to use if you don’t want to lose your saved settings, is to download an install updates from [this page]. The Vignette crew also implores you to follow @VignetteUpdates for any and all teeny tiny updates in the future.

This is the kind of attention to detail we love to see in developers relationships with their apps – well played, Vignette, much much much better than leaving your customers in the dark as so many evil devs do!