It looks like ViewSonic wants to shake things up in the “tablet” market, although I’d hardly call this specific device announcement a tablet. Apparently they want to start producing some huge 22-inch Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet-like devices and will be showing them off at Computex. That isn’t all we can expect from ViewSonic this year either apparently.

Should we call this a Moniblet? Just like Samsung and others are calling the Galaxy Note a Phablet. According to Engadget it seems ViewSonic will be calling this new lineup “smart business tablet monitors,” and will be showing off a wide array of them at Computex this year in Taipei. We are also hearing they’ll have similar offerings with Windows 8 but I’m more excited about Android tablets of course.

I sure hope this 22-inch Android 4.0 ICS tablet has an impressive screen resolution, a massive battery (or a power cord perhaps) as well as a stand because I won’t be holding it for more than 30 seconds at a time. The idea sounds pretty fun although we can basically do this now by using HDMI-Out on current smartphones and tablets. The difference here is the entire panel will be the touchscreen. The show kicks off on June 5th so we might be seeing this massive tablet sooner than we thought.