If you’re an outdoorsy type of Android user, you may be familiar with the outdoor GPS app called ViewRanger. The developers behind the application have announced a significant new update for the Android application bringing it to version 3.5.0. The update was released this month and is available to download now.

One of the main changes to the application for version 3.5 includes a rewritten store section in the Organizer section of the app. In that section when you select a route, you may now also be offered map options to go with it. The updated app also features a download history button that lists all of the named maps you have downloaded allowing you to download them again if needed.

Some of the larger maps are now split into parts allowing you to download them only when needed to save space on your device. Users can now also comment on another users shared tracks. Version 3.5 also fixes an issue with the navigation arrow on one Android tablet.

Rounding out the fixes includes repairs to graphs for routes shorter than one km or one mile allowing them to work in this new version. The app also has numerous fixes for crashes reported through Google Play and through the app. This app is a GPS mapping application for trails for hiking and biking all around the world.

[via ViewRanger]