When an app releases a lite version, we’ve come to expect that not all the features of the original app will be there. And while the core Messenger app made and received around 17 billion video chats in 2017, the Messenger Lite version only had text and audio calls available. Well, that is, until today. Now users of the lightweight version of Facebook’s messaging app will be able to have video chats with their friends and family members whenever they like.

Despite the Messenger Lite being, well, lighter, at under 10MB, users will now be able to have video chats with their contacts who have Messenger Lite as well or even the core Messenger app. The Lite version was originally created for people who have older Android smartphones that have limited memory/storage and those that have slower Internet connection. You could do the basic stuff like send text-based messages, attach photos, send links, and make audio calls. Now you can add video chats to that line-up.

To start video chatting, make sure that you’ve updated Messenger Lite to the latest version. Open an ongoing conversation or choose a contact from your list. Tap the video icon on the upper right part of the screen and start video chatting away once your contact accepts your call. If you’re on an audio call, you can also switch to a video call just by tapping the video icon on the bottom right part.

The video chat on Messenger Lite is rolling out to users starting today. Just make sure you update to the latest version to be able to use it.

SOURCE: Facebook