By now, you’re familiar with Android Auto. The blossoming in-car platform is Google’s attempt at diversifying their platform everywhere you are, and driving is no different. As we increasingly use our phones for things like navigation, they become more like an in-car device. Motorola has even created profiles for when you’re driving with one of their devices, effectively making a tiny in-car system of their own. At the recent LA Auto Show, Chris Davies from our sister site SlashGear got to spend some time with Android Auto. Check it out!

The point of Android Auto is to stop us from actually handling our phone during those times we should be, you know, paying attention to the road ahead (and/or behind). By taking the experience into your car’s dash, your phone is still providing the info necessary, but you don’t have to fumble with your handheld device.

Android Auto also doesn’t take over your car’s experience as you might find it — it’s totally complimentary to it. If your car’s OEM has built in some features of their own, Android Auto is simply an add-on to that, relying on tech you might use on your phone.

The video below is a touch long at 15 minutes or so, but provides the first in-depth look at Android Auto we’ve really seen. If you’re excited to see what Android Auto will be like in your next new car, check out the video below.



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