Anonymity is pretty important to most of us. Though there are workarounds to mask our identity, there are few options for true distance when it comes to tethering ourselves to content. In Google’s ecosystem, we must have an identity across their services, like YouTube. Viddme is challenging that, and wants to do for video what Imgur has for photos.

 The service is pretty straightforward, and dead simple to use. From their site, you can upload videos anonymously, without ever having to sign up for an account or sign-in. There isn’t even a third-party sign-in, like Facebook or Google+, so the upload is actually vacuous. Available via mobile, it has the potential to be pretty big.

Without the need for a clumsy account, the upload process is streamlined. It makes for easy discovery, too, since there is nobody to follow. Viddme’s founders have introduced the project via Reddit, with founder Alex Benzer saying “With Viddme, we’ve been exposing it to Reddit, because I think that it’s really useful for Reddit users, especially as early adopters.” He also notes that some Redditors have asked to help work on the project, lending more credence to the open nature of Viddme.

Viddme logo

Though Imgur users have long wanted video, it hasn’t happened. “They’ve had four years to think about videos, and they haven’t done it” says Benzer, essentially tipping his hat to having filled a wanted niche. Though the current fodder on Viddme is what you’d expect — kids doing silly stuff, etc. — it has the potential to be truly disruptive.

Though Viddme will likely be used for the same inanity you find on Vine, there is a serious undertone to it as well. Hackers can upload videos on how they do what they do. There are a lot of dark avenues to take with anonymity, but even then, you have IP addresses. With a mobile upload, your upload is associated with a device, so it’s possible to be discovered. Like anything, Viddme should be used responsibly, not exploited.

Simple and easy to use, Viddme is still a startup. Free to use, there are impressive monetization avenues to explore later on, like advertising. For now, the team at Bit Kitchen is happy to see their vision through.
VIA: Tech Crunch