This awesome tablet accessory and stand is called the ePillow by Veyl Products and at first glance you might be thinking it’s pretty wild. Although being able to take a comfortable pillow on the airplane that also doubles as the most ergonomic tablet stand at the same time is pretty ingenious — even though the idea seems simple. The ePillow comes in tons of different colors and we have all the details and a short video below.

It fooled me at first but I quickly started thinking about all those times I wish I had this product. From watching football on the couch and needing a nice stand, to those long drives last month to visit family for Thanksgiving. Using my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet comfortably then use the same stand for a quick nap is epic. I actually already bought one and you can expect a full review coming soon from yours truly (me).

From standard black, brown, and many other wild colors like seen above there will most likely be something for anyone in your family. They have a soft suede finish and the stand portion is double stitched synthetic leather making it sturdy and durable. The ePillow features an easy to carry handle around back that also slides over any luggage handle, and even sports a pocket on the side for glasses or some headphones. The more I read about this tablet accessory the more I want one.

If you’ve ever got tired while holding a tablet this is the absolute perfect solution and more details are available at — they are priced at $29.99 and the standard black/brown is on sale now for just $15.99. This wont fit in the stockings but would sure make a great Christmas present along with a new tablet. Check back soon and we’ll have a review for those considering the purchase. Enjoy the demo video below even though sadly they are using that weird thing we call an iPad.

ePillow Link