Luxury smartphones usually have sky high prices but completely mediocre features. Vertu, however, might finally be breaking free from the mold with its Signature Touch, a smartphone that can proudly boast of the latest and best smartphone hardware in the market.

Premium both inside and out, the Vertu Signature Touch rises above the rest by listing specs that you would find in high-end flagship smartphones this year. Powering this device is a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon, not some low-powered version of the chip. The 4.7-inch display might seem small until you find out that it sports a Full HD 1080p resolution, giving you one of the highest pixel densities in a smartphone of this size. Continuing this trend of surprises, you’ll also find the latest Android 4.4 running on the Signature Touch, and not some outdated, even if only slightly, version of the OS.

Of course, Vertu will be distinguishing itself by its looks, but it also has components that are worth taking note of. The speakers bear the mark of acclaimed audio experts Bang & Olufsen. The 13 megapixel rear camera, on the other hand, is proudly Sweidish camera manufacturer Hasselblad’s handiwork. though the 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera might not be. You have a wide assortment of connectivity options, including a remarkable number of LTE bands that will make it possible to use this device anywhere in the world. And to keep the smartphone looking classy even while charging, Vertu has affixed Qi wireless charging capabilities as well.

On the outside, the Vertu Signature Touch definitely plays the part well, sporting a mixture of titanium for the frame, ceramic for finishing, hand-finished leather for cover, and sapphire crystal for glass. As good as it all sounds, the price will undoubtedly wake you up to reality. The Vertu Signature Touch luxury smartphone will become available this June for an absolutely luxurious price of ₤6,750, which is roughly $11,300 in the US.

VIA: SlashGear