Verizon seems to really be pushing their prepaid products right now, enhancing it with new plans to choose from, including an unlimited one, international calling features, and an improved My Verizon App. It’s part of a growing trend to court users who do not want postpaid plans. Now the newest one they’re introducing to the market is the Prepaid Family Account so you can get your other family members discounted rates when you get additional prepaid lines, without having to get stuck on two-year or so contracts.

You get to choose from four different prepaid plans, all of which are different in terms of the allotted data: 3GB, 7GB, 10GB, and Unlimited. How it works is that you get one prepaid plan for the regular price, in this case, $40, $50, $60, and $80 respectively. Then you will get discounts for up to five additional lines that you will get, with the discount depending on what plan you got: $10 off for the 3GB plan, $15 off for the 7GB plan, and $20 off for both the 10GB and Unlimited plans.

Aside from the line discounts, you also get all of the prepaid lines under just one account instead of having to create one separate account for each member of your family. Plus, each member will also get their own data allowance instead of just sharing data under one account as you would under the regular family plan.

It looks like you can already start applying for your Verizon Prepaid Family Account if you’ve decided to just go off contract for your entire household.

SOURCE: Verizon


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