The feminine HTC Rhyme is a decent deal at $200, when you consider that it includes a desk dock, matching headphones and the Charm notification light. But at just $79.99 on a new or recurring contract, it’s a steal. Amazon Wireless delivers yet again with a steep discount on a brand new phone.

The Rhyme isn’t the most advanced of Verizon’s offerings right now, but if you’re not swayed by 4-inch screens or dual-core processors, it’s a solid choice. The build quality is typical of HTC high-end phones, and Gingerbread ans Sense 3.5 are responsive on 768Mb of RAM. Electrical contacts built into the back of the phone allow it to rest inside the included dock and automatically connect via Bluetooth for hands-free calls or music. There’s no 4G included, but the hotspot allows you to connect up to five devices to Verizon’s 3G network. To get a better look, head on over to our hands-on video and gallery.

Naturally, the $79.99 deal comes with new two-year activation and a required data plan. Amazon is offering free 2-day shipping to sweeten the deal as well. If you want the Rhyme and its included goodies free and clear, it’ll cost you $439 on Verizon’s website or retail store. If you’re still not ready to pull the trigger on a purchase, be sure to check back tomorrow for our in-depth review.

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[via Phandroid]