All the hype, all the waiting; preregistration, preorders, color choices — all for the Galaxy S5. The device, which has already sold a veritable ton of devices, has an issue that’s causing many owners anguish. If you’re on Verizon, you might know what we’re referring to.


It seems the camera on the Galaxy S5 from Samsung has an issue that’s plaguing Verizon models. When opened, some users are reporting they see a message of “Warning: Camera Failed” in the camera app rather than the viewfinder. There doesn’t seem to be anything causing the issue — it’s just a bug.

Rebooting the device yielded no solution, nor did force closing the app. Factory reset? Nothing. The camera on many Galaxy S5 devices via Verizon just plain doesn’t work. The only recourse is a replacement device, but that might be a crapshoot.

No official word on when a fix for this issue is available, either. That means you’re stuck going into a Verizon store, dealing with some poor representative who has as much info as you about the situation, and possibly replacing the device for another that has the same problem. Aside from the camera woes, the Galaxy S5 works just fine, so if you can stomach the wait for a fix — that’s likely your best bet.

Source: XDA

Via: SamMobile