This one’s a bit odd. We just got word that the Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC is no longer for sale on the wireless carrier’s website. And no, not in the whole “your order is on back-order,” kind of way. But, if you find the Droid Incredible by doing a search, you’ll come to the splash page that shows off the HTC Sense device. However, once you click the “buy now” button, things get very, very odd.

Instead of seeing that it’s on back-order, and you won’t be getting your hands on the device any time soon, it actually shows, in bold letters, “The selection you made is unavailable at this time.” Very, very curious. However, unlike what we’ve heard from other places, the Droid Incredible is definitely still there on Verizon Wireless’ front page, so they’re still showing it off. But, if they’ve pulled the “buy” page, why are they showing it off at all? If you’ve got a theory, please let us know. We’re hoping that this is just a slip up, and it’ll be fixed soon.

[Update] And it’s back! You can see it here, just like nothing ever happened. And, unfortunately, it’s still on back order until June 15th. So, no restocking. But, at least it’s back.

[Thanks, Dave!]